TLIG magazine issue 40

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 40 BETH MYRIAM FEEDS THE POOR B e t h M y r i a m O s a k a , J a p a n Supporters, Donors and Volunteers T he Beth Myriam in Osaka started in 2013. It is Nancy Imade who runs the BM Osaka. Supporters, donors and volunteers of this project are people from three TLIG prayer groups, from the cities Totteri, Kurayoshi and Kobe.The BMOsaka feeds the needy and homeless about every three months in a park called Sankaku, in Nishinari area in Osaka city. In case it rains, the food is served in a covered area of a welfare building in Nishinari.They serve food to 200 people most of whom are old Asian men.The food that is served is curry and rice or hayashi (beef ), rice or sandwiches and green tea.The group also provides people with clothing, shoes, toiletries, Bibles, TLIG books and rosaries. In 2016 food was served in February and in May. The next feeding will probably take place in December at Christmastime. The volunteers cook the food, transport it to the location and serve it. Since the volunteers are members of the TLIG prayer groups, they always find ways of evangelizing through this project.