TLIG magazine issue 40

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 64 Fr. Bo Westergaard in Sweden Book table in Sweden Banner display in Sweden At the meeting’s finality, the audience had the op- portunity to browse and purchase the superbly dis- played book tables and paintings. The displayed True Life in God materials were comprehensive. Rev. Sverker Tronet was thanked for offering his impres- sive English to Swedish interpreting skills. Rev. Bo Westergaard was also thanked for his organizational input and for the success of this inspirational meeting. Among many others who voluntarily added their time and energy to this meeting were Mariam and Charlie Poster in Stockholm City, Sweden Sawma, an Assyrian Christian married couple whose assistance and escort in Sweden was appreciated and essential. Lastly, an added feature was the presence of the many children of all ages who attended with their parents and grandparents; this indicates that Jesus’ True Life in God messages are falling on the ears of the third generation. As Jesus tells us in a message, “indeed I have made out of you My pen to pen My sayings; sayings that will be re- membered in all future generations;” (True Life in God Message, April 24, 2006) Serendipitously, while resting at a coffee shop, we in- advertently spotted a poster on a public park billboard across the street announcing the TLIG meeting event to the public. Rev. Bo was instrumental in getting the event posted in various parts of the city. On Saturday, June 17th, we departed Stockholm for Rhodes, which thus concluded Vassula’s seven country True Life in God Nordic odyssey mission. It brought encouragement, enthusiasm, enlighten- ment and direction to the mainly Lutheran Chris- tians of the northern regions. Written by Fr. Nicholas