TLIG magazine issue 41

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 26 In April 2017, Vassula accompanied by Father Vin- cent Cosatti, visited Spain, at the invitation of the As- sociation of True Life in God, Spain. Under the title: “A call to peace and unity; a call to love and reconcili- ation; a call to become intimate with God,” Vassula presented three witness talks: one in Barcelona, one in Valencia, and one in Murcia. We began the preparations for her arrival several months in advance. We visited bishops and cardinals of the respective dioceses to inform them about True Life in God and Vassula´s work, and to deliver to them (according to Vassula´s instructions) the dossier entitled The Bishops’ File, which contains the follow- ing articles: • Dr. Niels Christian Hvidt’s Report of Vassula’s meeting with Cardinal Ratzinger in November 2004: Dialogue between Vassula and the CDF; • Cardinal Prospero Grech’s article published on Feb- ruary 13, 2014, Inside the Vatican magazine: Vassula Ryden’s messages reviewed by a Cardinal; • CDF booklet: Clarifications of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; • We also gave them a copy of Heaven is Real but so is Hell. The meetings were cordial and without the slightest discrepancy. Although our intention was to hold the meetings on public premises according to the indications received, some of the bishops, delighted with the contents of the conferences, suggested we should use places owned by the church, such as Arrupe Center Meet- ing Hall at the Jesuits in Valencia, and two parishes in Barcelona and Murcia. In the same manner, parishes, priests, Christian or- ganizations, etc. were informed about Vassula’s visit through interviews, explanations of the Messages, the VVED writings and publicity posters and leaflets. As we advanced in our task, critical and offensive com- ments against Vassula Rydén and the Messages began to surface in the social networks. These comments led to restlessness, disorientation and fear in many people who contacted the bishops and caused the withdrawal of the authorization to use the respective conference facilities for the events. On one occasion, this rejec- tion transpired on the very day of the planned event, as in Murcia. In addition to breaking the logistics of the preparations, many of the prospective attendants did not stay when finding upon arrival that they had to go to an alternate location. In Barcelona, on April 18, a surprised and desolate group of people attended Mass at the parish of Santa Maria Reina in the hope of attending Vassula’s wit- ness talk that was to follow. It had to be suspended by a superior order. Nonetheless, they bought some True Life in God books. In that same church Vassula had held many witness meetings in previous years, with- out the slightest problem. The following day, April 19, in Valencia, we had to re-direct the people who were arriving for the an- nounced witness talk to another nearby place, found at the last moment. The conference talk was given to a residual audience of about 50 people, including a courageous priest, “new” to True Life in God, who awaited Vassula´s conference talk with eagerness and determination. Finally, on April 20, in Murcia, the bishopric warned us of the witness talk cancellation in the parish of San Benito, only one hour before its scheduled time. Fortunately however, a significant number of people, more than at the previous gatherings were interested in attending, so the Fuertes-Quintanilla family solved the crisis, offering buses to transfer the audience from the church to their hotel, where they prepared a mag- nificent hall, decorated with large slides of the face of the Lord painted by Vassula. We wish to thank this strong effort by the Fuertes-Quintanilla family. They hosted about 200 people who listened and enjoyed the words that Vassula transmitted to them: a call to reconciliation, and love and unity. Her voice filled the room with peace and grace, motivating multiple tes- timonies of gratitude and inner happiness. This phe- nomenon is possible only through the presence and the Grace of God. Vassula Rydén’s arrival startled the Spanish church and filled it with a concern for the Messages that are spread- ing among its faithful. Nonetheless, theTrue Life inGod Messages must be known. With no doubt, if the people devote themselves to reading and studying the True Life in God book’s contents, it will enrich them tremendously, to the point that they are strengthened and renewed in the faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Vassula´s visit to Spain