TLIG magazine issue 41

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 1 3 Newly Published Messages from Jesus I form those that I love by giving them trials September 5, 2016 I Am; My child, keep your mind and whole being focused on Me and I will fill your mind your soul and your whole being with illustrious goodness and purity; I will fill you with love and everything that I Am; everything that I count in virtues, or acts worthy for My Kingdom; keep doing all the things you have learned from Wisdom; you have never had any shortage of My gift to you; I have never left your side, I have never left you needing; give Me your time that I may express My Will in you; from now on focus more on Me; keep your eyes raised in Heaven where I Am to be found; efface all that is in you that are earthly and remember how I delight in souls who, despite their wretchedness and their failures, are meek and humble, for in these I can teach them and raise them in My Spirit to become firm in their faith; in these I can root Myself easily in them; do not keep rancor on those who are setting prohibitions and obstacles on your mission; Lord, my mission, or Yours? Mine, -- and yours, for you are My Echo, you are subject to My Message that I entrusted you with; My gift to you and to all is for your own benefit; I have trained you to keep the same pattern in which My teachings are given to you and can be easily understood; you have a question; Yes, Jesus, I have; does it not bother You Lord when some of the hierarchy put prohibitions on me to speak and pass on Your Message? Your Message that saves? when someone acts against My Will then it is sin that lives in them; I rule with kindness, justice and integrity; then, remember, I form those that I love by giving them trials; this is part of My training, I train My chosen souls to be strong, so that when they are persecuted they would not flinch, but would remain firm, immovable; calumny may strike them, but they will not yield; nothing will make them run; see, Vassula, I receive more glory in that way; as for those who create havoc with their prohibitions, My Heart pains for them, they carry out rules that are not Mine and make decisions that are not inspired by Me; sin will blind them and will accumulate sin upon sin; and so, yes, My Heart suffers and My Father’s Heart blazes with anger; but you, as I said, should not keep rancor against them; I Am the sole Judge and I will judge them accordingly at the right time; when My prophet Jeremiah complained, about his misery and his persecutors, saying: “I would like to debate a point of justice with You, why is it that the wicked live so prosperously? why do scoundrels enjoy peace?” 1 this question is set before Me by many of you; I tell you; has anyone of you an inkling of what are My Plans? have you had any doubt of My Wisdom? and I will go further, have I not said to love your enemies and pray for them? for in this way the Father in Heaven will recognize you as His? My Father in Heaven permits the sun to rise on them as well as the good, and His rain to fall on honest and dishonest men alike; who can ask Me on that as well? Vassula, giving you trials will only make you aware that without Me you can do nothing, and you will be cleaving on Me even more, depending on Me entirely; this is to teach you that if you have confidence in Me you will come to no harm; for I will be there to rescue you in your trials; You said that the Father blazes with anger at them; they live in Shadowland and an imminent chastisement awaits us all because of them; will You still relent and defend their cause? I will relent if they acknowledge their sin and repent; what I need from you are prayers, prayers are needed for I can soften their heart, as I softened the heart of king Ahasuerus putting a milder spirit in him; if your prayers are reaching Me with trust, you will always find favour, and I will grant you your heart’s desires; I will not deny you what your lips entreated; 1. Jeremiah 12:1