TLIG magazine issue 41

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 1 53 Vassula, My Word (God means His Message) will grow tall as the cedars, its branches will spread like open arms, reaching many nations, feeding the poor, healing your wounds and your sick; cleaning your stains and healing your wretchedness, soothing you, lifting you to My breast, loving you and teaching you again how to love one another and how to love Me; ( My Angel Daniel , January 10, 1987) Friday - APril 13, 2018 TV IntervieW Vassula had been invited return to Lebanon dur- ing her last visit in November 2017. Sheikh Nizam Bou Khzam, from the Druze denomination, invited her to visit his region, his community and to attend a ceremony in her honor. Travelling from Greece, she and Tereza arrived in Beirut early in the after- noon. Then at 3:30 p.m. she partook in an interview on Télé Lumière and Noursat, from The Church TV, with Mrs. Lea Maamary. During the interview, Lea asked about the fruits of the ecumenical dialogue and the interfaith meetings, to which Vassula replied by stating that unity is what Jesus wants.The TLIG pil- grimages were able to bring together different people under the banner of Unity and Reconciliation. The various religions and religious denominations gained an acquaintance with one another and dialogued. Division comes from the devil and God wants unity in diversity, she said. During the True Life in God pilgrimages, Christians and Muslims, in unison, feel loved and begin to ask, “Why are we divided?” When they return to their countries the various religious de- nominations continue to gather together in dialogue. The interviewer, Lea, then asked about the important role the TLIG Messages play towards the reconcilia- tion with God and the self. Vassula’s answer empha- sized the importance of repentance; one must confess and open the doors of the heart to let in the Holy Spirit. When they talked about the Beth Myriams, Vassula noted that faith and good works are connected, even in dangerous war zones like Homs in Syria where two local priests run a Beth Myriam. In addition to the previous topics, our talk led into a discussion about Vassula’s mission throughout the world, extending from one country to the other to speak about God’s message. At the end of the interview Vassula claimed that some people have told her that they feel their prayers are like a monologue. God may not grant their prayer request. God, she said, gives us what we need, not what we would like to have if it’s not good for us. The situation is analogous to a doctor who prescribes Vitamin C because we need it, while in the meantime we are asking him to give us chocolates. This could explain why we don’t feel that God has answered our prayers. However, sometimes God makes us wait un- til the time comes for Him to answer our prayer. God is not complicated; He is gentle. The Lord said to Vassula on December 7, 1989: “reveal Me to mankind the way I have taught you: I am a God of Love and Mercy, I am not a complicated God and I never hound anyone to death, realize that I give and ask accordingly, I shall never demand from a soul more than what she can offer, I do not ask more than her capacity offers; I am asking from each one a small return of love, a smile, a thought, a kind word, just one word coming from their heart would be received like a million prayers; this is of considerable importance, even a mere thought ... I shall take it ever so preciously;” (TLIG Messages, December 7, 1989) Vassula’s Mission in Lebanon April 13-17, 2018 Vassula during the interview on Noursat with Lea and Chadi