TLIG magazine issue 41

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 1 75 Friday, May 25, 2018 A long while has passed since Vassula last visited us here in Germany. This time she came with Fr. Rolf Schoenenberger, a faithful priest, who promotes the True Life in God messages. Of course, many peo- ple were eager to once again hear Vassula’s testimo- ny. In her presentation, she testified to and read ex- cerpts from the revelations that she receives from our Lord. As an outcome of her numerous presentations throughout the world, the True Life in God messages have become like yeast, spreading with time through His messenger’s efforts and through the efforts of His chosen ones who have accepted to become collabora- tors with this Divine Call. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Vassula goes where she is sent to spread the Good News of God’s love and His desire for Unity. Since the Spirit is our life, let us all be directed by the Spirit; we must stop judging something we do not know or understand, and instead embrace His guidance. Firstly, at 5:00 p.m., the BerlinTLIG organizers, along with Vassula and Fr. Rolf, organized a brief meeting to meet the parish priest, Fr. Christian Respondek, at St. Kamillus Church. He welcomed us in his presby- tery and was very hospitable, even though there were twelve of us. He did not expect to receive this many people. Fr. Respondek is exceptional, as he allows our TLIG Berlin prayer group to pray in his church. This reception was a unique opportunity for him to meet for the first time not only the entire prayer group, but also Vassula. He invited everyone for coffee and cakes which were generously spread on his dining table. Since he generously allowed the TLIG prayer group to use the church for their prayer meetings, he now had the opportunity to become acquainted with us and the TLIG messages. We, in turn, had the op- portunity to speak to him about the TLIG messages. Fr. Schoenenberger at one point during our meeting mentioned that in one of the TLIG messages Jesus reproaches the churches that resort to doing only administrative work in His House. That statement spurred Fr. Peter from the Czech Republic, who had joined us, to give his testimony. Fr. Peter attested that at one time he was ready to renounce his priesthood; however, upon reading the TLIG messages, he was uplifted in such a way that he decided not to aban- Vassula’s Visit to Berlin Germany don his calling. Along with his attendance, there were other Czechs with a choir of Czech children who vol- unteered to sing during the upcoming witness event. St. Kamillus Church Later that afternoon we went to St. Kamillus Church to pray the Rosary and to celebrate Holy Mass. Be- fore the end of the Mass, Fr. Respondek welcomed the TLIG people, introduced Vassula and the TLIG Berlin prayer group to the congregation. He in- formed everyone about Vassula’s witness meeting at the Novotel Conference Hall the next day. Finally, he asked Vassula to introduce herself and her mission. His invitation was a beautiful surprise since we never expected Fr. Respondek to say anything about Vassula and her mission. Saturday, May 26, 2018 We began the day with Holy Mass in the chapel of the Caritas-Nursing-Center. During the Mass, Fr. Rolf mentioned that this day, May 26, was the feast day of St. Philip Neri, the saint of joy; he then told us funny stories from his life. Berlin chapel of the Caritas-Nursing-Center Vassula’s witness event began at 4:45 p.m. with the support of the Czech Children’s Choir. After a brief welcome, Michéle encouraged the audience to sing the Our Father Prayer in Aramäic together with the Czech Childen’s Choir. Every seat had an Our Father Prayer leaflet. May 25-28, 2018