TLIG magazine issue 41

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 1 77 Since it took us three months to prepare this witness meeting, we the TLIG readers who came from all over Germany drew much nearer to each other and became like family members. Our teamwork brought Berlin-TLIG pictures from the book table Baby Vassula Rydén Sade Vassula Rydén Sade was born on 8th April 2018. Her Father’s name is Richard Besa and her mother’s name is Gloryjen Sade. Daniel Sade, the father of Gloryjen, is an active reader of True Life In God Solomon Islands so that’s why they de- cided to call their daughter and granddaugh- ter Vassula Rydén Sade. Jimmy Maeigoa True Life In God Solomon Islands Association South Pacific Ocean us a lot of joy. Every person applied his/her God-giv- en talents. While working together, we learned from and about each other. Our final take-away lesson is that we have to work in love and humility. Thank you very much Vassula for visiting Germany. We offer praise, honor, and thanks to the giver of the True Life in God messages, Jesus Christ. By, Marion, Annemarie, Nathanael, Markus-Maria, Markus, Sabine Isabel, Claire, Michél de Marie, An- drea, Carola, Andrea, Peter, Brigitte, Ilona, Angelika, Magda, Michéle